Career in Bashundhara Group

Employment will be appointed on emergency basis for some posts of Bashundhara Group, the fast expanding industry, real estate and business establishments of the country.

Know the details-

Record Keeper

Senior Engine Mechanic,

Senior Electric Engineer,

Engine Mechanic,

Leaf Spring Mechanics, and

one for Volkenijor and Engine Mechanic Helper.

To apply for a record holder, a minimum graduate will be required. Apply to the rest of the classes only if the eighth grade passes. The median age should be 25 to 40 years. Must have practical experience in the relevant field.

Interested candidates will have to participate in direct interviews with their mobile number of communication, including life profile, copy of national ID card, recent photographs, educational qualifications and experience certificates. On 10 December, on 10 December, the meeting will be held at Bashundhara Cement, Bashundhara Industrial Complex Limited, 78, 79 MN Ghosal Road, Madanganj, Bandar, Narayanganj.



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