Facebook Introduced Instant Gaming Features at Messenger

Facebook has introduced instant gaming features to play with friends at messenger. Facebook has made live streaming and video chat through the instant live Facebook Live.
In a blog post on Thursday, Facebook said that people who love sharing a little to play, live streaming arrangements for those who love to play games, and they can chat with each other. This live streaming through facebook will be live

Users can record live streams in these new features. Then post it on the profile page. More than 245 million people live chat in Messenger. To play games so that this chat can be done, that system is being brought here.

Also, some mobile games will support instant games. Facebook has said, there are some great games that can be challenged by friends. There are also Angry Birds. It will come in early 2015.

Facebook claims, the Response of Instant Games is quite good. Those who play games themselves, challenge, and compete, it is a good thing for them.

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