How to send an email to all email contacts, quick and easy?

Some times we need to send a email a group of person. It is not so hard but easy. sending a message to more than one person through email is a quick method . Concern only have to type the main text once. This following instructions explains how to send an email to more than one recipient using a Gmail account. However, this information is relevant to the majority of email accounts.

  1. Please Log in to your Gmail account
  2. Click the Compose button
  3. Click the “To” link to open the address book. A “Select Contacts” label (small window) will be displayed.
  4. Select “All Contacts” from the “My Contacts” in the drop-down box at the top. All contacts will be displayed as a list.
  5. Click the “Select All” box to select all contacts in the address book, and click the “Select” button to insert them in the recipient’s box.
  6. Please write a subject of your message in the subject area.
  7. Please Write your short email message in the email body area.
  8. Insert your desire image in the email body
  9. Click the “Send” button for sending the email to all contacts in your address book.

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